Minecraft – Item Hunt Game Map

Item Hunt Game Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.3

The players appear and are distributed on the determined arena (there are three different arenas, made to accommodate a determined number of players).

It is also possible to play with two, three or even four teams; configurable option in the advanced parameters (because there is indeed a wide variety of customizable parameters which you will find below).

Items are summoned all over the arena surface as soon as the game starts. The different players must then seize the items in order to increase their number of points visible above their hotbar. In single player mode, the top 15 best players are displayed on the right, in a table.

In team mode, the points of each team are accumulated and displayed under the name of the latter. However, the number of points obtained will depend on the level of the item you collect.

Indeed, there are 5 levels of items:

  • Level 1: equals 1 point
  • Level 2: equals 2 points
  • Level 3: equals 5 points
  • Level 4: equals 10 points
  • Level 5: equals 15 points

It goes without saying that it is preferable to prioritize high level items to overtake your opponents more quickly. The items appear by “wave” (the time of each wave is configurable) and each arena has a maximum number of items to avoid overloading your server. What’s more, it is also possible (if the option is activated) to kill your opponents to steal part of their points (this value is also configurable in the settings room). If you kill a player who has a score lower than the value of the number of points stolen per kill, you take only their score (a player cannot have a negative score).

A game ends according to the selected Game Mode. The “Timer” game mode allows you to set a configurable game time between 5 to 50 minutes. “Score” which will end a game when a team has reached a configurable score between 100 and 5000 points. There is a mode you can activate to spice up your games a bit: Random Events. This mode has ten events.

Credits: LUMESIO

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