Minecraft – Island Resort Map

I present to you the resort island on which the luxury hotel is located, reproduced in the game Minecraft. The project has the shape of a cylinder size of 800×800 blocks.

Fully equipped every corner of the hotel and the entire territory adjacent to it. 128 standard rooms, 33 deluxe rooms, 4 detached two-storeyed luxury bungalows are waiting for you. Each number is made uniquely by hand (not copied).

On the territory there is a large swimming pool, a small bay in which you can swim and a huge beach with pure white sand.

Bars, disco, food, beach, what else do you need to relax?

I hope you enjoyed my project. Watch the video, in which you can colorfully and quickly appreciate all the delights of the island.

PS: I apologize for my bad English) I hope for a positive assessment and feedback. )

Credits: N/A

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