Minecraft – Into The Depths 2: Unbidden Horror Map

Into The Depths 2: Unbidden Horror Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.1


With that said:

Into the Depths 2: The Unbidden is a full game length, story driven, psychological horror custom map for Minecraft that is heavily inspired by the Silent Hill series, with many elements also taken from the Resident Evil series, including Resident Evil 7 as well as PT.

The nightmares of the first map are fully realized in a way never done before in this sequel, through the use of custom textures provided by a collaborative effort between some of the best texture artists in the Minecraft community, like Monsterfish, Misa, TheSheWolf, and RedXuchilbara, as well as custom sounds, custom lightmaps for intense darkness, and dynamic lighting through the use of Optifine, all wrapped up in a constantly shifting nightmare world that you travel to through various mirrors and other means.

Face your fear in this first chapter, which includes the first 90+ minutes of the full map, which is aiming to be 5-6 hours long when eventually released.

This map comes with a custom resource pack with everything you need. All textures included were used with permission from their respective creators.

If you truly want the full experience, I’d recommend changing your Minecraft skin to the default Alex skin, as the map’s resource pack comes with a custom Alex player skin that allows you to properly look like the main character, Alena Hall.

Credit(s): SS33094

Download - Minecraft – Into The Depths 2: Unbidden Horror Map

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