Minecraft – Hotel Cuba Adventure Map


Hotel Cuba Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.0 Map Version 1.1


  • Never throw items on the ground, they will be deleted when you die.
  • Put items on your offhand to use them.
  • When Cindy asks for 5 emeralds, use exactly 5 emeralds.
  • If you are stuck, try to eavesdrop around corners and in adjacent rooms. You will be able to hear important information.
  • You do NOT need to write the safe code down, your character will remember it.
  • Capitalization matters for renaming things on anvils!

Version 1.1 Changes:

  • Fixed some thoughts not appearing.v1.1:
  • Fixed a bug with /trigger trigReset set 3 not stopping the timerGlobal from incrementing
  • Added an explanation on how to give 5 emeralds to Cindy, since many people appeared to be struggling with that.
  • Added a sign warning against throwing items on the ground.

Credits: CAVIN856
Test: This mod not tested!

File Details:259 KB / ZIP
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