Minecraft – Horrors of Miasmay Adventure Map

Horrors of Miasmay Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

This map contains effects, environment and theme matching music, and much more. Why are you here? What can you do to escape this horrible place and find out the truth? Be the judge!

Additional Info:

  • Singleplayer ONLY [Up to two players may work, but it will make the story unrealistic, and may not be compatible]
  • 1.12 MC Version only
  • For best experience, Brightness levels: 35% – 70%
  • For best experience, Jukebox/Noteblocks on 100%
  • For best experience, all sounds, except “Hostile Creatures” and “Music” should be 60 – 100%
  • For best experience, “Hostile Creatures” and “Music” should be 0%
  • WARNING: This map contains parts that some players may find disturbing.


  • No breaking of blocks, unless instructed
  • Gamemode 1 only after finishing the map, if you wish to look around
  • For best experience, use the Audio and Video settings listed above


Download - Minecraft – Horrors of Miasmay Adventure Map

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