Minecraft – Hogwarts Castle Map

Hogwarts Castle Map for Minecraft Version 1.14.4

This is my version of Hogwarts, complete with more than 400 unique rooms, halls and corridors. The castle is greatly inspired by the Harry Potter movies, but I have rescaled and rearranged the buildings and added some things of my own. The map only features the castle itself (no forest, quidditch pitch etc) but pretty much all indoor locations mentioned in the books and films are there. Naturally, I made sure to add lots of secret rooms and easter eggs, and for those who really like exploring, there is a scavenger hunt where the prize is to write yourself in as a proper student of Hogwarts!

A few of the places one can find in the castle:

  • The Great Hall
  • The 4 Common Rooms
  • Philosopher’s Stone Challenges
  • Chamber of secrets
  • Creatures Gallery
  • Frog Choir Room
  • Jinxed Detention Classrooms
  • Art Gallery
  • The Library
  • The Kitchens
  • 3rd floor corridor
  • Prefects bathroom
  • Lost Wands
  • Armor Gallery
  • Bouncy Room (You didn’t know there was one of those did you??)
  • Red Room
  • Study of Ancient Runes Classroom
  • Dueling Room
  • Room of Requirement
  • Chess Club Room
  • Gobstone Club Room
  • Peeves’s Room
  • Ghoul Studies Classroom
  • Quiet Room
  • Secret Student Sweetshop
  • Firenxe’s indoor Forest
  • Hospital Wing
  • Owlery
  • Troll Toilet
  • Trophy Room
  • Wine Cellar
  • Death Day Party Room
  • Map Room
  • Rube Goldberg room
  • Astronomy Classroom
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom
  • Transfiguration Classroom
  • Alchemy Classroom
  • Apparition Room
  • Ancient Studies
  • Philosophy Classroom
  • Flying Theory Classroom
  • Theatre Classroom

Credits: GABBEL

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