Minecraft – Highliner PVP Map


Highliner PVP Map Minecraft Version 1.10.2 Map Version 1.0

Version c1:

  • Optimized a bit more (Changed block update to make less lags).
  • Tweaked about surrender so player will not surrender accidentally(not intended).
  • Massively updated about tutorial.
  • Changed default option to make game shorter.
  • Tweaked lobby functional entities.

Version b7:

  • Optimized even more (TrackOutput Changed).

Version b6:

  • Optimized a lot (Used AreaEffectCloud instead of ArmorStand, basic settings, etc).
  • Fixed issues about knockback and enderpearl glitch.

Version b3:

  • The first public released version.

Credits: MCDIC
Test: This mod not tested!

File Details:1.8 MB / ZIP
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