Minecraft – Heavenly Hopper Parkour Map

Heavenly Hopper Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.1

Hey people, I’m CriTusMaximus, and welcome to my first ever mapHeavenly Hopper 🙂 (This is version 1.1 of the map as 1.0 had lots of bugs and it probably even got rejected upon submission). This is a parkour map with 5 Arenas that will kill your brain cells one-by-one. If you are CaptainSparklez or PrestonPlayz playing this map, I want to convey a HUGE thanks to you both for entertaining the world! 😀

This Parkour map, featuring 5 arenas, requires you to get from the beginning to the end by “parkouring” all the way and pushing the button at the end. The Golden Pressure Plates will give you an effect in each Arena that will help you cross a particular point/reach the end point. There is a Stone Pressure Plate on a Diamond Block in each Arena to reset you back to the start point/checkpoint. The edgy signs on the Reset pressure plate will discourage you so you lose hope for winning the map >:D

After you complete the 5 Arenas, you are teleported to a special secret room in order to celebrate your victory 🙂 There are celebratory fireworks that go off every 4-5 seconds (You can change that, there’s a Turn Off Fireworks button in there) DON’T MISS THE FUN BUTTON IN THE SPECIAL ROOM!!! 😀

The map also features a custom Texture Pack, so if your blocks look a little different from usual, then it works.

Anyways, that was it for now. If this map gets download, rated and supported enough, I’ll make a sequel 😀 SO HIT UP THE RATING, AND MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW! (What am I doing, this isn’t a YouTube video) Hahah, anyways, hope you enjoy playing the map and hopefully kill your brain cells. The Parkour shouldn’t be terribly hard, but yeah, still. 😀


Download - Minecraft – Heavenly Hopper Parkour Map

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