Minecraft – Halloween Maze PVE Map

Halloween Maze PVE Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

Fight your way through the Halloween Maze. Dodge traps, loot chests, buy special weapons, find the keys, and kill the boss at the center of each level. There is an unlimited amount of randomly generated levels to play through until you run out of respawns.


Beat as many levels as possible. Pass each level by opening 2 ender chests in each level (to unlock the boss room) and defeating the boss inside.



  • Spawners: Spawn zombies and skeletons. They will keep spawning until they reach the limit, so fighting near these is not advised
  • Spike Traps: These will drop spikes that deal heavy damage to anything that passes underneath. Slip through them by running.
  • Chests: Right-click to receive some basic food or arrows occasionally, but these will mainly grant “Cursed Dust” (more on this later)
  • Cauldron Shops: This is where you use your Cursed Dust. Throw 16 Cursed Dust into a single cauldron shop to buy a random custom weapon.
  • Key Chests: Right-click to receive one of the two keys required for unlocking the center of the maze. (Note: These look like ender chests)
  • Center Room: After opening the bars that seal its entrances, walk into the center of the center room to spawn the boss for the level. It could be one of 5 custom Halloween-themed bosses



  • Mummy
  • Frankenstein
  • Ghost Lord
  • Queen Spider
  • Pumpkin King

Special Weapons:


  • Candy Corn Staff
  • Spectral Scythe
  • Broom
  • Candy Bucket
  • Flame Lantern
  • Pumpkin Hammer





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