Minecraft – Halloween Adventure Map

Halloween Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

For a dare, you and your friends went camping in the Haunted Forest! You are woken by a voice calling your name.

Emerging from the tent you see a frightening face in front of you!

It is a Demon, who tells you he has taken your friends, and if you want to save them, you must complete 7 quests and fight the Demon himself!

Each quest will give you a relic, and only when you have all the relics can you face the Demon.

Quests: * Relic of Portals * Relic of Codes * Relic of Riddles * Relic of Potions * Relic of Strength * Relic of Speed * Relic of DarkMagic.

Each quest is a different challenge, some requiring a boss fight, others requiring you to make a potion, or perform a parkour challenge!

Can you find all the relics and save your friends from the evil clutches of the Demon?

Credit(s): WHITELILY36

Download - Minecraft – Halloween Adventure Map

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