Minecraft – Grim Descent Adventure Map

Grim Descent Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.14.4

You play as a group (1-3 players) of a variety of criminals, who defied the Queen and were sent into the cursed catacombs as a punishment. No one ever returned, and no one knows what’s going on in those catacombs, as such, your task is to venture in with some basic equipment and survive to tell the tale.


  • Long, epic adventure (4+ hours)
  • Multiplayer support (1-3 players)
  • Packed with both intense combat music and subtle ambience
  • Over 5 unique boss battles
  • Over 100 Custom items to find and equip
  • Amazing 3D models for weapons
  • Realistic, grim resource pack
  • Over 50 different sound effects
  • Over 50 unique enemies
  • 7 Non-linear major locations to explore
  • Haunting story that will always keep your eyes open
  • Seemless, command block scripted events and battles
  • Optional challenges and areas to beat and explore
  • Great Optifine utilization (16+ Custom Armor sets, great variety of monsters)


This map has been in making for over 4 months now, expect a huge adventure out of this, if you’re looking for a short experience, this isn’t it, this is a 4+ hour long journey, where inventory management, Minecraft combat expertise and exploration are your key to survival.

Credits: PANR4IN

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