Minecraft – Frenzy CTM Map

Frenzy CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.8.8 Map Version 1.0

Welcome to my first mini Ctm Hardcore ” Frenzy”.This map is a Mini CTM inspired By Xekaj maps and others CTM mapmakers.

I have enjoyed playing his maps as well as others maps from others CTM mapmakers such as Sketch, Zaphyk, etc. So i wanted to make a map of my own.

If you dont know, the idea of this style of maps is to become a challenge for the player, so i highly recommend making some copies before starting to play it (around 20).

Complete the victory monument placing both wools in theirs places.

Survive in any way that you can.
Dont cheat.
Play in Hardcore.
Dont leave the boundaries of the map.
Dont use bugs or glitches for your benefit.

Test:This mod not tested!

Credit(s): QHADEI

Download - Minecraft – Frenzy CTM Map

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