Minecraft – Fireball PVP 4: The Field Of Battle Map

Fireball PVP 4: The Field Of Battle Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Have you ever wanted to play an FPS shooter with friends in minecraft, but you didn’t like the buggy and empty servers with plugins? Or just wanted to shoot fireballs? In that case, this map is THE map for you!

This is the FULL version of my newest multiplayer Fireball PvP map.


  • -First Person Shooter Featuring Awesome weapons:
  • -M4 and AK47: Full Auto rifles! Tap right click to shoot.
  • -Rocket launcher: Launches an explosive fireball! Hold Right click to charge, release to fire. Comes in 2 variants: Light and Heavy
  • -Spas-12: Semi Auto Shotgun, tap right click to fire a fireball (short reload time). The fireball only travels 5 or 6 blocks, but deals 6 hearts of damage to surrounding opponents (less against a juggernaut).
  • -Riot Shield: Hold Right click to negate any damage from the M4, Ak47, and melee weapons!
  • -Frag Grenade: Throwable Explosive that detonates upon impact with the ground.
  • -Flash Bang: Throwable that blinds and confuses enemies for a short period of time
  • -Smoke Bomb: Same as Flash Bang, accept the effected area stays effective for a much longer period of time
  • -Baton and Knife: Melee weapons of the game. Are operated in the usual fashion.
  • -Suicide Bomb (Maniac class only): A goofy weapon that explodes the user and all players nearby!
  • Features several customization settings:
  • -Destructible-or-indestructible environments
  • -Natural Regeneration On-or-off
  • -Day-or-Night battle
  • -Ability to enable or disable classes (VIP and TDM only)
  • -10 distinct Maps, and a map generator that allows you to destroy and then fix maps at will!


  • Team Death Match: First team to deplete the enemy team’s lifes win. Has options for 5, 10, 15, 20 lives per team.
  • VIP: Each team must eliminate the enemy team’s VIP.
  • Juggernaut: A random player is chosen as the Juggernaut. A juggernaut must deplete Blue Team’s lives (5, 10, 15, or 20) in order to win. If a juggernaut is slain, a new player is chosen as the next juggernaut.
  • Dogfight: Use elytra and jump boost to zoom along the battlefield.
  • Runner-naut: One person has no weapons and lots of speed. He must survive for 400 seconds in order to win.
  • Hide and Seek: One person is the seeker, who tries to find and eliminate all the other “hiders”. If he gets enough kills, the Seeker wins. If he doesn’t within 400 seconds, he loses.


File Details:22.7 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Fireball PVP 4: The Field Of Battle Map -


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