Minecraft – Finding Adventure – Nightmare Edition

Finding Adventure – Nightmare Edition Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Finding adventure – nightmare edition is the next part of finding adventure!

This map was originally made for minecraft 1.11.2 and fully tested in that version. We also tested the map in 1.12 and found no bugs, but if you want to be sure to not run into bugs, you shoeld play in 1.11.2!

This map is The biggest find the button map in existance! But that’s not what makes it unique… This map has something which many find the button maps lack. A storyline! You wake up in The grasslands, where you learn the beginning of the story! after the first world you proceed to the next, which is the dessert! you continue to learn more about ‘some mysterious figure’, who you get to know better in this version, until… Play the map to find out what happens!

Whats In The Map?

  • Amazing worlds! (Listed below)
  • 400 Buttons fot you to find!
  • 7 Hours of exclusive gameplay. (Can vary depending on how skilled you are)
  • An amazing plot!
  • An incredible bossfight at the end of world 11!
  • Amazing castles!Included Worlds:
  • World 1 (Grasslands)
  • World 2 (Dessert)
  • World 3 (Underground)
  • World 4 (Snow)
  • World 5 (Jungle)
  • World 6 (Skylands)
  • World 7 (Hell)
  • World 8 (Underwater)
  • World 9 (Button Universe)
  • World 10 (Haunted House)
  • World 11 (‘Story telling’)

Important Stuff:

  • If you play the map with optifine, you can’t open chests under slabs, so please dont do that! It’ll ruin your experience!
  • You have to play the map at 24 chunks renderdistance due to minecraft limitations.
  • The buttons are hidden in chests. If you found the button, then you place it on the golden block. It’s your own choise if you press it as well


File Details:26.6 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Finding Adventure – Nightmare Edition -


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