Minecraft – Find The Parkour Map

Find The Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

There are 6 levels. The whole map over all will take about 10-45 minutes depending on your skills.

In the map, you have to do parkour that leads up into a room where you have to find the button!

The parkour is fairly easy but the difficulty varies between levels. All levels were tested and all are possible.

In the levels there may be FAKE buttons.

If you die you may glitch out of the starter room, we are sorry for this is our first map.

This is a fun map recommended by many people. If you have any questions about the rules please email us, although they seem pretty explained.

If you are going to record this map on YouTube, please inform us at our email as well as giving us a link to your channel.

Otherwise, have fun in our map and please report any bugs in the map to our email and we will change it as soon as possible.

Thank you and enjoy the map!


Download - Minecraft – Find The Parkour Map

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