Minecraft – Find The Flipping Button Map

Find The Flipping Button Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

A map that is full of disturbance finding the button. Can you find all the button or just give up? This map will test your brain in finding the button. Its rather easy or not……..

Rules & Settings:

This Map will Specially have Rules And Regulations.

  • Do not cheat
  • Do not try to change gamemode unless told
  • If there is something wrong with this map….. Report it to my E-mail
  • Do not break any blocks if you are in gamemode 1
  • I Recommend to use adventure mode
  • Render distance 15 below
  • Clouds off
  • Stay in peaceful or you will die…..

I am new to redstone but i did handle it a much thanks to Neshgoper557. Thanks for coolzeph355, XxIahxX, and to Ravallona668 for helping me build the map.


  • Redstony Danger
  • The Snowland
  • Travel in sand
  • And also there is a bonus level at the end…

Credit(s): JEDGOPER999

Download - Minecraft – Find The Flipping Button Map

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