Minecraft – Find The Button – Ultimate Edition

Find The Button – Ultimate Edition Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

This map was created with PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen in mind, although anyone is welcome to play!

Do you enjoy playing find the button maps, but have grown bored of the monotonous events that occur? Well then this is the map for you! Welcome to Find the Button – Ultimate Edition!

This map challenges you to find the stone button in each level while keeping it challenging with special mobs that are unique to each level! The FTB team will try to update the map with another three levels every two weeks.

It is recommended that you play this map with two people, but it is singleplayer compatible as well. Please report any bugs in the comments and be sure to give this map a good rating if you enjoy it!

If you record a playthrough for YouTube then please send it to us, as we would love to see it. Thanks for the support, and keep on crafting!

Map Builders: Mine4Choco & VanillaJams

Redstone: Mine4Choco

Map Testing: VanillaJams


File Details:881 KB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Find The Button – Ultimate Edition -


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