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Minecraft – Find The Button – Minecraft Edition Map

Minecraft – Find The Button – Minecraft Edition Map Map Minecraft Version 1.12

This map is dedicated to all the youtubers who played my first map however, anyone may play it.

After days of thought on what to make the theme of the FTB teams next map, it was decided that it would be – Minecraft Updates! We hope you enjoy!

The goal of this map is to find the buttons in each of the unique levels. There are thirteen levels in total, covering all updates from 1.0 to 1.12, as well as a bonus level which can be unlocked by collecting all nine hidden levers in the first nine levels. I would suggest that the player find the levers before the button, as each level can only be played once.

It is recommended that you play this map with two people, but it is singleplayer compatible as well. Please report any bugs in the comments and be sure to give this map a good rating if you enjoy it! Also, if you record a playthrough for YouTube then please send it to us, as we would love to see it. Thanks for the support, and keep on crafting!

Settings: Play in 1.12, Set the difficulty to Normal if it is not already (NEVER turn it to Peaceful).

Map Builders: Mine4Choco, VanillaJams, & Crazyvictini

Redstone: Mine4Choco

Map Testing: VanillaJams & Crazyvictini


Download - Minecraft – Find The Button – Minecraft Edition Map

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