Minecraft – Exodus Season 3: Genesis Adventure Map

Exodus Season 3: Genesis Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0.1

Following the tragedy of Exodus Season 2, you were imprisoned by the host. Now, a year later, a mysterious group known as the Phoenix Division rescues you and thrusts you into a world where humanity is on the verge of extinction.

With a civil war brewing you are pitted against an unforgiving world that will challenge you morally and mentally until the very end.

Will you stop the Host and get revenge or will he persuade you to join him. The choice is up to you.


An intense and emotional story
Challenging Moral decisions (Nothing is black and white)
8 Different Endings
Hundreds of Game Changing Choices
Fully Voice Acted (Over 1000 lines)
Choose your Voice (Male or Female)
Cutscenes (First map to use CutscenePRO)
Custom Models and RP
Unique Boss fights
Randomizers to help make playthroughs different each time.
A 3000 x 3000 block map
A Diverse Cast of Characters
Some Horror and Dark Sequences
Over 10,000 command blocks with a Redstone Tour
3 Different Emotional credits sequences depending on the ending you achieve.


MC Version: Vanilla 1.11.2
Resource Pack: Included
Play Time: 4 Hours
Build Time: 21 Months
Current Map Version: V1.0.1
Map Difficulty: Medium


Test:This mod not tested!

Credit(s): R3D'S KINGDOM

Download - Minecraft – Exodus Season 3: Genesis Adventure Map

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