Minecraft – Eternal Darkness Adventure Map

Eternal Darkness Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Explore Dungeons, Fight enemies, And explore a giant overworld in this Legend Of Zelda inspired map!


  • 8 Dungeons with puzzles, enemies and traps
  • A unique storyline with creative antagonists and plot twists
  • AT LEAST 3 hours of playtime if not more!
  • Fun and creativity


You experience a nightmare about a demon lord sacrificing a princess to re-rise his master, you are suddenly jolted awake by a fairy who tells you to go the Forest Temple, the rest of this is your destiny and your fate of saving not only this world…

But all worlds

We Wish You Luck…

Credit(s): NATHA83608

Download - Minecraft – Eternal Darkness Adventure Map

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