Minecraft – Escape from Dernia Puzzle Map (1.15)

Escape from Dernia is a puzzle/escape map that takes you through the abandoned town of Dernia.
A factory explosion blocked off some of the road and led to everyone finding ways out of the city.
You will have to crawl, craft, search, and swim to escape.

This is a Single Player map.
If you are having trouble with finding something, refer to the map walk through. (Attached)
Item name colors and when to use them corresponds with the boss-bar colors at the top of the screen. (For example, if an item’s name is yellow, it’ll only be useful when the boss-bar at the top of the screen is also yellow.)
Play in adventure mode at all times.
If you encounter a bug, you may use another game-mode to help traverse through the map If Necessary. (Also let me know here or in the walk-through)
Give credits when you share or upload a play-through of this map!


Download Minecraft – Escape from Dernia Puzzle Map (1.15) -


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