Minecraft – Elite Parkour Map

Elite Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Note: You can play this card only on 1.11.2! Be careful: if you enter another version, it deletes the text in the command blocks and signs.


This map contains:

  • 9 levels.
  • Secret items that you can find in one of the levels.
  • Beautiful levels of parkour and other constructions.
  • Hard difficulty.


  • End Parkour with fewer deaths.
  • Go through all the levels trying to get all 5 secret items. What you need for the last level.

Additional Info:

This map is full of adventure and parkour skills, practicing them or simply trying to complete a level.

Parkour is not boring to entail its full of colors, colorful and fun to play.


Download - Minecraft – Elite Parkour Map

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