Minecraft – Dubai Landmarks Map (1.14)

An unique collection of skyscrapers, buildings and gardens, featuring 5 of Dubai’s most impressive landmarks.

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, in a 1:6 scale (up to height limit). Based on a 3D model.

The Burj Al Arab, the famous sailboat-shaped skyscraper. Stands on it’s own island and is 100 blocks tall. Based on a 3D model.

The Emirati towers, the twin, triangle-shaped towers in Dubai. Exclusive because of their elegantly simple design. Based on images.

The Cayan tower. A tower, that twists 90° along it’s 90 block height. Recreated based on a 3D model.

The Dubai mall. A lower building, with multiple circles in it’s design. Inspired by the real one.

Also a number of other skyscrapers is present, designed using the same block variety.Complimented by all-encompassing lawns and gardensSurrounded by a moderated coastline

What to do?

Use it as a basis for more buildingIt is an ideal server spawn area! The seed was hand-picked to best fit the concept.

The map itself is not compete; it is designed to be expanded on, with the same or a different palette. Interiors of buildings, etc. are not always complete; the main design is the exteriors.

Made by RudolfJelinCZ (and Quijibo11CZE), originally for the MunioRealms server.

Not based on any Minecraft work. Based on multiple 3D models and images.

Some buildings are inspired by the Hermitcraft V and VI servers.


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