Minecraft – DTTF: Makers VS Breakers 2 Parkour Map

DTTF: Makers VS Breakers 2 Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

The Floor is lava in the sequel, DTTF: Makers vs Breakers 2.

This map is based out of the map makers going head to head with the map breakers/players.

See if you can beat your friend to the end of this map!

The second edition brings more different environments to the table!

Rules & Requirements:

  • You must be in 1.12.2
  • Only 2 Players Command Blocks Enabled
  • Give credit where necessary


  • Brenden_MC
  • AdamPlays
  • Fire_Glory_Pvp
  • Ddog3385
  • ShadedLynx
  • Windoge_7
  • Lightning_Jay
  • Nicofaster_21
  • OmegaLink

Credits: MINE 52 TEAM

File Details:16 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – DTTF: Makers VS Breakers 2 Parkour Map -


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