Minecraft – Dream Carefully Horror Map

Dream Carefully Horror Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

You play as a character that has a mental illness that one day gets him set to a mental hospital. Dream therapy is performed But nothing seems to work.

It only makes things worse! There is no cure no help an you will have to live a hell for the rest of you days.

Additional Info:

  • 1. This map has jump scares 1 maze and puzzles that can be solved throughout the map!
  • 2. MAKE SURE RENDER DISTANCE IS 7+ because then it will not work!!
  • 3. Make sure YOU HAVE A GOOD PC because your game may or may not crash at the end but thats ok because its the end.
  • 4. This is my first horror map that was a success so it might not be what you hope!
  • 5. Its preferred for graphics to be on fancy.
  • 6. If chairs Glitch Its because you have optifine or forge.


File Details:23.9 MB / ZIP
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