Minecraft – Dont Press The Button Adventure Map

Dont Press The Button Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.2

So, this is my first puzzle/adventure map, and I decided to make it really professional this time. I hope it’s a good one, I spent a LOT of hours thinking and building, but here it is!

Make sure you read all the rules before starting, otherwise you will face annoying surprises.

The Story:

You are some sort of a night guard, who’s only job is to NOT press a button. While that would be a very easy job, the night somehow doesn’t pass. To make it pass, you have to search around the museum to find something called a “Frozen Clock” that somehow stops time.

This takes more and more effort, but eventually, that isn’t enough anymore, and the button will become very attractive… Can you control your curiosity and fucos, pardon, focus on your job?


Gamemode 2, Difficulty 0 (no PvE), render distance exactly 8, brightness moody (important).
NOT multiplayer friendly. Please, don’t even try…
Can’t stress this enough: don’t put ANY items in chests! You will need things from night A in night B, and you cannot go back!
Also important: don’t lose anything! Don’t throw items in lava (unless specifically told), on the ground, or all at the same time in a thing! You can get stuck if you recklessly put everything everywhere!
Last: grab always everything! You will need 1 lever for the current night, and 1 for the next one, for example. However, I NEVER will put a chest somewhere with ONLY an item in it that you only need for the next night(s).

Test:This mod not tested!


Download - Minecraft – Dont Press The Button Adventure Map

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