Minecraft – Discordancy CTM Map

Discordancy CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.8.9 Map Version 1.0

Featuring 12 distinct Disc areas, a fully outfitted monument, and three beautiful intersections, Discordancy aims to be the premiere map for medium-skill players, offering a more relaxed map than most. While still offering challenges aplenty, this map is not attempting to be the “hardest thing ever”, and aims to simply be a fun and exciting experience! Touting more than 40 contributors across the map, with 12 area leads, you’ll find a variety of styles to face!

The areas are named:

  • The Shadow of Pluto
  • Grove of Starlight
  • Shame of Adonis
  • Walkways of Abandon
  • Abridged
  • Temple of Decay
  • Prison of Forgotten Cries
  • Gunkoid Falls
  • Sporeblight Laboratories
  • Suspended Exodus
  • Shrine of the Last
  • The Flamekissed Foundry


A full credits list can be found below:

Design Leads: Fangride, Taschneide

Contributors: Apollo, Ballor_i, BNM, bRanN, Browneye414, Caecilleus, Caedmonr, Crazy_Clamp, Csillagvihar, Dani_F, DjessNL, Dylanamite, EliasChalwatzis, Goldstorm888, Helphelp11, Hybran, Infinity8Miner, Jasper65932, JohnPatrickBaker, Kaladun, Krose, LordTirnis, ManInTheHat, Mauton, McWeaksauce, Mirrorwolf, Moldybread1, NBTrainor, Ragirk, RenderXR, Rubisk, SomeKindOfGuy, Soupbob, Sylf_, TheCarlushow, TheXhen, TikaroHD, VittoProductions, Wittywhiscash, xnx, and _Chipmunk_


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