Minecraft – Desert Citadel CTM Map

Desert Citadel CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.12.1 Map Version 1.0

Welcome adventurer!

The Desert Citadel is a classic CTM (Complete The Monument) map, where the player(s) must collect at least one of each pieces of wools, and place them in their corresponding place on the Victory Monument. By classic, the creator (that’s me) means that command blocks are not a viral part of the map. They are used for some fancy stuff only – by which the creator means: mostly traps.

The Desert Citadel is an open world map, the first barrier players will face is finding the islands which the dungeons are located on. The creator (again, that would be me) helps the players in their journey with different clues and waypoints.

The Desert Citadel facilitates custom mobs, loot chests, unique weapons, shields and armor with different attributes, custom terrain, relics, custom spawners, local bosses etc.. The creator thinks that his map is not very difficult (but he’s the creator of it, duh).


The rules are pretty generic:

  • 1, Play on at least easy difficulty, never peaceful!
  • 2, Crafting, mining, building, farming, etc. is allowed. You can basically do whatever you can in a normal world.
  • 3, Find wools in chests, the wools for the Victory Monument are enchanted with Curse of the Vanishing (tip: leave some pieces behind).
  • 4, You may use elytra wings and firework rockets at any time.
  • 5, Don’t build a nether portal!
  • 6, Don’t craft, or move ender chests!
  • 7, Don’t craft shulker boxes! Found shulker boxes can be used freely.
  • 8, Make sure that command blocks are enabled (for the fancy stuff)!
  • 9, Clouds should be turned off.
  • 10, Don’t use mods that make the map easier, visual and utility mods are allowed.

Credits: DAVID0F

File Details:43.5 MB / ZIP
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