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Minecraft – Death Run CTM Map

Death Run CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Welcome to the third map of the [ C H A L L E N G E ] series !!

An insame mini CTM Hardcore map inspired by “Zero Mercy ” maps from Xekaj . Also this map was particularly inspired in “One” and “Victory Run “, both maps were made by Sketch.

Death Run was made to become an absolute challenge to the player. The goal of this map is simple, place both wools ( Lime and red) in the monument before the time ends.


(They are also explain in the inside the map)

  • 1 – Dont use cheats (/tps , /gamemode , etc)
  • 2 – Dont use any mod or 3rd party tools
  • 3 – Dont abuse glitch / bugs that can helps you to complete the map.

Additional Info:

  • Tester: – Mechrobotfin and Qhadei
  • You HAVE TO wear the chestplate to start the map, if you dont equip it, the map will not start.
  • Remember that you have 180 seconds to complete the map. When the time ends, you will die.
  • Since its a hardcore map and the map is hard. Its recommended to make some copies before starting to play ( Remember that the map will delete after you die)

I hope that you enjoy the map, any advice / suggestions is always great!
– Qhadei 😉


Download - Minecraft – Death Run CTM Map

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