Minecraft – Darkness On Innistrad Adventure Map

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Darkness On Innistrad Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12.1 Map Version 1.0

You are a citizen in the town of Innistrad. You used to be happy: you had a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, and your friends were the best people you knew. Life was, well, perfect. But then you noticed changes. Priests fearing the angels which they had once worshiped. People disappearing in the night. Animals acting…differently. And then it all ended. The angels destroyed it all: Your friends, your family, the love of your life. You lost everything. Then, one night, a group of mysterious men and women took you in, and gave you the chance to change it all; to save the world. But are you up to the task? Along the way, you will face parkour, mobs, puzzles, drowning, pure darkness, and a force that goes much deeper than just the angel uprising. So, will you do it?

Darkness on Innistrad is a Magic The Gathering based adventure map by HydraHunter77 and stfeirer that takes place on an infected world, and you are tasked with it’s fate. God-like beings such as Avacyn, Emrakul and others will try to stop you, but you will prevail! Or will you? Find out in DARKNESS ON INNISTRAD.


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