Minecraft – Daemonicus Universum CTM Map

Daemonicus Universum CTM Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.3

You are a pious and powerful exorcist making career in purifying cursed place, but your biggest mission awaits you: there’s a place so cursed that it was called “Daemonicus Universum” by the parishioners.

This place is under Satan’s power, and the Devil’s army is growing and expanding from this place, and it could take over the whole planet !

You are the only one who can stop Satan’s progress, by retrieving the 3 Holy Gems of Faith on the Divine Altar. But it won’t be that easy…

Explore various large hostile areas, built around a horror/dread theme, and appreciate the custom command block mechanics / other custom features this map offers you ! This map features custom mobs, items, and more !

This map is composed of 3 main objectives and 3 bonus objectives. The difficulty of the map is medium and it takes 3-7 hours to finish it.

It is an entry for Strawberry Jam #31: Strawberry Jam is a mapmaking event where mapmakers have 72 hours to make a map according to a certain theme.

For edition #31 the theme was “Dread”. Also, this is my first map and a jam map so expect a bit of lack in balancing and other details.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

You must play this map in 1.16.3, and it is not recommended for multiplayer.

The map supports Optifine.

Credits: ZEYD_

Download Link #1

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