Minecraft – Computernaut Estate Creation Map

Computernaut Estate Creation Map Minecraft Version 1.7.10 Map Version 1.0

This is a house I’ve been chipping away at for a number of years and I thought it was time to see what other people think.

The house is about 402×183 blocks. Rooms include: the entryway, living room dining room, kitchen, pantry, game-room, library, rec-room, fireplace room, and tinkering workshop. (I challenge you to find them all).

Not all of the mansion is furnished but a good part of it is.

This map was made for 1.7.10 but any version newer than that can probably be used as well since it’s just a house and there’s nothing that might be rendered unusable by a newer version.


Download - Minecraft – Computernaut Estate Creation Map

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