Minecraft – Command Run Parkour Map

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Command Run Parkour Map mod for Minecraft.

This map is single player only and is made for use in 1.12.2

This map takes parkour to the next level by using command blocks to allow wall running, wall jumping, and sliding under objects. The first half of the map is relatively easy however, the last two stages are definitely a challenge. The map also contains a small puzzle half way through.

What each block does (It might be more fun figuring it out on your own when you play the map):

The white blocks are wall running/jumping blocks, however, you must be very precise with your timing or else you will just fall down without making contact with the wall. It may look like there are just barrier blocks next to the white blocks, but that is not the case.

The Orange blocks are blocks that you can slide on allowing you to go through 1 block holes.

The blue blocks are sticky and allow you to climb up on, however, if you hold on for too long you will fall off.

The purple blocks move under you wherever you run, but after 3 moves ALL purple blocks have to take a short break and will no longer move until they are ready.

Map Version 1.0


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