Minecraft – Colors of The Rainbow Survival Map

Colors of The Rainbow Survival Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

You wake up in the sky, which has nothing but 16 islands.

Each island has a unique design and color. Magnificent, indeed. But how will you survive in it?

Beware of the beings that lurk this world. This world of color has more to it.

Conquer islands and dungeons. Collect iron and gold. Only the brave can build a city as large as they want. But this little world had a story behind it.

As you progress, you will find dark secrets. And the secret to the OTHER ISLAND. The island where the fearless dare not to go.

Will you take on this challenge to live your life in a haunting world of nothing but fear?

This survival map is just the beginning of a long series

Credit(s): JACOBP4

Download - Minecraft – Colors of The Rainbow Survival Map

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