Minecraft – Colored Parkour Map

Colored Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

Welcome to Colored! a Minecraft parkour map (Never seen that before) that takes you through multiple levels of colorful blocks, that do a variation of things.

Please note that you MUST read all of the text displayed here. Please do not change difficulties. Please do not take you self out of adventure mode.

If you find a glitch, you can either report it to my discord channel (link to the right), or you can report it to my youtube channel.

If you are a youtuber recording this for a video, please give the proper information to your viewers leading them to the site where it was originally downloaded.

Also, make sure you click both buttons to the left and right of you (this is mandatory if you are a youtuber) it really helps. Please enjoy this map.

This is the first map I have ever made and it may be a bit middle scale. That being said… this is not my first rodeo with command blocks and this map WILL provide an enjoyable experience.

Please enjoy!


Download - Minecraft – Colored Parkour Map

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