Minecraft – Collect-A-Lotta Terracotta Puzzle Map

Collect-A-Lotta Terracotta Puzzle Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

This map is a great combination of all your favorite types of maps and puzzles! Dropper? Yes! Find the button? Of course! Adorable piggy statues playing in the mud? Without a doubt! And so much more!

Challenge yourself through 16 terracotta-color themed maps each with their own bit of humor, fun, and, of course, rage! At the end of each level you will receive a terracotta block, which you will then place in the trophy room on a redstone lamp above its corresponding item frame. Place all 16 correctly to complete the map!

Credit(s): MEMZWITH1Z

Download - Minecraft – Collect-A-Lotta Terracotta Puzzle Map

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