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Minecraft – Cinderella’s Armored Castle Map

Cinderella’s Armored Castle Map Minecraft Version 1.7.10 Map Version 1.0

Welcome to Cinderella’s Armored Castle!

1.) First make sure that you have a backup of this Map! (its important because some of the mechanisms causes heavy land damage).

2.) Also make sure that you have the correct minecraft version: 1.7.10 and older versions works perfectly, on 1.8 version some mechanisms, cannons e.t.c does not work perfect.

3.) If your PC is very weak, you probably have lag and FPS drops: do not panic the lag is usually periodic, if the lag continues reduce your chunks (low graphics) for better performance. (Note that some weapons causes lag when you use them).

4.) You can play this Map in two different ways:

You can fly, you can activate all weapons, you can play free with your friends or alone, you can place the map on the internet e.t.c everything for your satisfaction !!!

For this type of gameplay you must play on survival mode, do not activate the weapons (firing weapons like tnt, fire charges, heavy cannons e.t.c) because the whole map and some emeralds will be destroyed !!!

There are 4000 emeralds in total. Some chests have 10, 20 or even more, according to the difficulty. If you are alone try to collect them all and celebrate your victory, or you can play this with friends and make teams, the team with the most emeralds wins.

Do not forget to place all emeralds into the initial spawn chests (too many to hold them). Also there are some deadly traps so be careful or you gonna lose your life and the emeralds.

(Optional quest: find, activate and defeat wither bosses)

RAMBO 1989 &

Programs used:
Minecraft 1.7.10 and
MC Editor 0.1.8

Starting position:
X: -1206
Z:   1978
Y:    64

Blocks used total:
~196387840 (with air and water)

Have fun discovering our map, hope you enjoy !!!

RAMBO 1989

Download - Minecraft – Cinderella’s Armored Castle Map

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