Minecraft – Chaos’s Box Adventure Map

Chaos’s Box Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

*Note This Map can be played either Singleplayer or 2-Players*

After years of research and searching you have found it, the infamous Chaos’s box.

You and your co-worker are more than eager to open the box, yet your other co-worker George is more wary…the story can’t be true.

What could possibly go wrong opening a box?

Rules & Settings:

  • 1. Play in Normal
  • 2. Play in Adventure
  • 3. Click >>> in chat to advance text (Note in 2-Player only ONE player should do this)
  • 4. Sounds and Particles ON
  • 5. Auto-Jump OFF
  • 6. Check Texture Pack
  • 7. Keep Render Distance Between 10-15
  • 8. Have Fun!

– CompSciGirl523

Credit(s): COMPSCIGIRL523

Download - Minecraft – Chaos’s Box Adventure Map

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