Minecraft – Button Hunter Parkour Map

Button Hunter Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.10 Map Version 1.0

  • This map works in 1.10 or later versions for the addition of the new nether blocks.
  • Works in vanilla Minecraft, some resource packs may mess up the blocks but should not be that big of a problem.
  • This map has really difficult parkour with no checkpoints, so if you rage you may need to make your own.
  • The map works with as many players as you wish, but should be limited to 1-4 because of tight spaces.
  • There may be some lag as the oceans were changed to lava.
  • All of this was built by hand, no world edit.
  • Some jumps may not be possible, which most likely means that the button is not that way.
  • If there are any bugs or jumps impossible to get to the button, please comment below as this is the initial release.

Test: This mod not tested!

File Details:65 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Button Hunter Parkour Map -


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