Minecraft – Button Hunter Parkour 2 Map

Button Hunter Parkour 2 Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

1.11.2 and up only!
Works in vanilla Minecraft, some resource packs may mess up the blocks but should not be that big of a problem.
This map has really difficult parkour with no checkpoints, so if you rage you may need to make your own.
The map works with as many players as you wish, but should be limited to 1-4 because of tight spaces.
All of this was built by hand, no world edit.
Some jumps may not be possible, which most likely means that the button is not that way.
If there are any bugs or jumps impossible to get to the button, please comment below as this is the initial release.

Test:This mod not tested!


Download - Minecraft – Button Hunter Parkour 2 Map

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