Minecraft – Bustbeam CTM Map


Bustbeam CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.10.2 Map Version 1.0

  • A short tutorial is included at the start.
  • Portals and spawnpoints are set to @p (the nearest player) so keep a few blocks apart if activating them in multi-player.
  • Game default is normal but can be changed to any difficulty (peaceful may be enjoyable for young children).
  • All gems and artifacts have custom names. Don’t use them to craft other items eg: If you use the item ‘Blue Gem’ to craft a diamond spade you will not be able to open the blue portal!
  • You may find some areas more challenging than others so if you feel a rage quit coming on simply return to the castle and try again later! As the game progresses you may acquire better equipment and items to help you in your quest.

Test: This mod not tested!

File Details:59 MB / ZIP
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