Minecraft – Breakout 2 Puzzle Map

Breakout 2 Puzzle Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Welcome back to Breakout.

In this map you must once again escape the prison but you cannot do it alone. This is 2 player RAGE creating prison Breakout!

This version of the map requires help from a friend but first you must break him/her in to help you complete the puzzles to escape.

Breakout 2 cannot be completed single player due to the puzzles requiring 2 people to solve, open doors, move pistons etc.

In Breakout 2 there are 10 hidden diamonds to collect and 1 hidden emerald. Find them all and award yourself bonus points!

Test:This mod not tested!


Download - Minecraft – Breakout 2 Puzzle Map

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