Minecraft – Border Blast: Mineshafts Parkour Map

Border Blast: Mineshafts Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.10.2 Map Version 1.0

The map contains 3 types of maps within itself. 1st being parkour, Having to jump from a block to another block. 2nd is X-Run, which is basically parkour except you sprint over most of the blocks. 3rd type is Elytra based, soaring from point A to point B using only gravity to help you travel.

Now, you as the player must go through a cavern or Mine-Shaft, without any checkpoints, and having the World Border chase you. If you fall behind the world border, You will slowly start to die, making the game a whole lot harder, considering you HAVE to keep moving.

Game Difficulties:

To the right of the “START” button, there is a small space with an iron pressure plate above a Light-Blue-Stained-Clay block. Stepping on this will teleport you to a “Settings” area. From this place, you may change the mode, or Difficulty of the game. It doesn’t make jumps easier, or harder in any way, it just toggles how fast the world border moves.

“Practice mode” disables the border entirely, giving the player the opportunity to take advantage, and go through the game as slowly as possible. “Gentle” is the slowest setting, “Recommended” is the normal speed, and “Hard” is well… Hard. All of the modes have been tested and been beaten by all of the beta testers.

Test:This mod not tested!

Credit(s): SPARKOUR

Download - Minecraft – Border Blast: Mineshafts Parkour Map

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