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Minecraft – Blast Off Game Map

Blast Off Game Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

Welcome to Blast Off, a game all about tnt and destruction (what everyone loves)!

Pick a kit, select a map, and dive into head-to-head insanity! Use your kit powers to rip apart the map and open holes to the void for unlucky players to fall into! Powerups also spawn around the map, so keep your eyes peeled for beams of light! And if things creep on for too long, prepare for a Deathmatch of raining tnt! The last player left standing at the end wins!

Oh and by the way, nearly all powerups are place and run powerups. In simple terms, don’t stick around to find out what happens!

No server? No problem! Come visit our network to play some of your favorite game maps like Chunk Runner and Blast Off with members of the gaming community!


Download - Minecraft – Blast Off Game Map

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