Minecraft – Beastmaster Survival Map

Beastmaster Survival Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.2

Unique Features:

Skilled Hunting
Every mob you hunt has a set of items they can drop.
The amount and type depends on mob size and the tool used and it’s quality. Control the drops you get by being smart about the specific tools you use.
Detailed information is included in-game.

Survival Crafting
All crafting is done in your 2×2 crafting grid (in the player inventory screen). All recipes are shapeless (location in the grid doesn’t matter).

You can also use the campfire to cook and craft a few other items.

Hunter Skills & Hunter Training
You start with Hunter’s Stamina, Hunter’s Strength and Hunter’s Sight. All three of these skills can be enhanced and 3 others can be unlocked. Read the in-game books for details on what the different skills do.

Each area has 3 advancements that when completed unlock or upgrade a skill. Try to complete them all!

Hunter’s Essence Crafting
Once unlocked, you can craft Spirit-Sheets with specific sets of Mob Essences. Spirit-Sheets unlocks permanent boosts as long as you have them with you.

Earn rewards like extra hearts, resistance to damage, toggle Keep Inventory on and many other boosts.

Custom Areas
There are 7 areas that have unique aspects.
Specific spawning rules. Changes to the colors, textures and sounds. Each with specific goals and treasures.

Each area feels like a different world.

You can complete the main story only, or go for 100% completion.
There are (technically) two different endings and a ton of hidden references. Please enjoy this experience and be encouraged to create your own adventures for others to enjoy.

Credits: BRANN

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