Minecraft – Base Race: Science CTM Map

Base Race: Science CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

Base Race is a challenge in two stages, and you can choose whether to participate in one or the other (or both!) of these stages.

The first is to gather up the list of items and assemble them in the chest.

The second stage is to use those items to create a build to the set theme.

At the beginning of the map you’ll be given several choices, which will change the game and make the experience much more unique for every player!

About The Map:

Base Race is a monthly challenge, with new maps being released on the last day of every month.

This particular map was created for July 2017 with the theme: “Science”. It can be played solo or multiplayer.

Race Stage:

You must gather a chest full of specific ingredients, without creating a new bed or harvesting materials from the spawn base. You will start in the Choice Box, where you will have four options that will change your Race:

  • 1. Whether you’re playing both stages (or just the race stage) OR just the Base stage.
  • 2. A choice between two items to collect/build with OR a different two items.
  • 3. A positive ability/effect or addition.
  • 4. An extra challenge for your race.

Base Stage:

Using the items you collected, you create a build to the month’s theme.

Credits: EDDCASE

File Details:18.8 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Base Race: Science CTM Map - Modsup.com


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