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Minecraft – Austerity CTM Map

Austerity CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.3.2

This map, inspired by Kaladun’s Minimalist, is a map made entirely within a series of 31x31x31 bedrock cubes, and each area is contained within one of them.

This challenging constraint required mapmakers to design areas as intelligently as they could. Featuring 12 compact yet beautiful areas, this smaller map will still force you to play like any other map!

Complete the monument, and win the game!

  • Soggy Ascent – Wittywhiscash
  • Austere Monument – Browneye414
  • Athenaeum of Torn Pages – Fangride
  • Verdant Grotto – Zunar
  • Magma Opus – Caecillius
  • Shrouded Pond – CatProductions
  • Sandstone Samba – TyPlaysGames
  • The Blizzarding Depths – Kaiser_2
  • Headhunt Bastion – Evilrinto
  • Temple of Chimarium – Chipmunk
  • The Anthill – Blade933
  • Steelheart Bunker – LULZ180
  • Dragon’s Descent – All of the Above ft. Kaladun


Download - Minecraft – Austerity CTM Map

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