Minecraft – Astral Apex Adventure Map

Astral Apex Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.1

The final installment of the Astral Adventure sees you once again taking on the challenge to find magic capsules and save your friends. With friends from both the Astral Realm, and the Earth Realm, you’ll discover what exactly the Shadow has been up to and why exactly he wants you and your friends. Discover all-new worlds and solve the mystery laid before you.

Highlights of this map:

  • In-game, copyright, royalty free music (by Ross Bugden and Whitesand)
  • A storyline recap (in case you need a refresher or really don’t want to play the previous maps)
  • An in-depth storyline with full family-friendly dialogue
  • No maximum player limit (FOR 2+ PLAYERS!)
  • Multiple all-new powers that you can use to get farther in the game
  • A lot of fun challenges to play through and magic capsules to find
  • An ending that will make the time worth everything

Credits: SLAMJAM30

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