Minecraft – An Elfs Journey Adventure Map

An Elfs Journey Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

Made by HydraHunter77 & dragontamer04.

You were a young elf who loved its village, and you had a normal, peaceful life. There were no dangers in your isolated little town, so there was no fear either. But you can’t help but feel lonely; being the only elf in the world isn’t easy. If only you could go and make a difference.

That might help with the loneliness. But adventure means danger. And there is no danger, as far as the elders are concerned. Yet you longed for adventure. The kind of adventure that the elders would speak of in the great hall. The kind with mages and magic, with good and evil, life and death.

Yet you knew that this could not happen; the elders prohibited all forms of violence and fear in their community. And yet…you could not help but wonder. But then it all changed. The Chief called you in to inform you of a great danger; the monsters of the forest were rising up from their submission, and they are hungry for vengeance.

Normally, this would not be an issue, because the core that lies at the center of the village had trapped all the creatures of darkness long ago. But, for no apparent reason, the core had shut down.

The Chief suspected that the two evil kingdoms of fire and ice are responsible, as they had been showing more activity in their realm lately. Just then, you heard a lookout shout out. The village was under attack by the monsters of the forest.

You were scared and confused, but with the chief’s assistance, you escaped…alone. Now, with no help nor family to guide you, you face the great outerlands outside your village, terrified of the darkness that awaits, yet exited for the upcoming adventure.

Little do you know, you might get a little too much adventure… An Elf’s Journey is an epic adventure map by the dynamic duo that is HydraHunter77 and dragontamer04!

It took about 1.5 years to build, and I hope you guys like the map as much as I do! Also, thanks to BobTHP for playtesting all of my maps! If you enjoyed the map, go subscribe to him. Without him, these maps wouldn’t be half as good.

The map includes a custom resource pack which includes: Custom block models. Custom mobs. Epic music. (The songs, in order, are Pandora music’s awakening, SharaX: Inktale, EMC: Dragon’s wrath, Clock town theme from Majora’s mask and Ampyx’s holo.) Better block textures. And much more!

The map itself includes: Epic builds. (Including a huge dragon head!) INSANE boss battles. A 1500×1500 block area to explore. Millions of blocks. PVE. (Player versus entity.) And much more.

Warning: there is a minor glitch where sometimes when you try to enter the world it sends you randomly to the server selector screen. If this happens, just restart Minecraft and you should be fine. :}

Credit(s): HYDRAHUNTER77

Download - Minecraft – An Elfs Journey Adventure Map

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