Minecraft – Aftermath Maximum Adventure Map

Aftermath Maximum Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.14.4

The music was taken from Crysis 1 to bring the player an authentic crysis experience.

Strap on your Nano suit, explore an open world, Engage with Cloak and explode your way straight into this. The map can be played on Solo but it was designed with COOP in mind for 2 players, some dialogs wouldnt make sense if youre a single player, But the map is playable. Make sure to use the Crytek and ZCBM resource pack included in the download.

As a massive Crysis fan i have decided to bring Crysis to minecraft, in most of its glory.


After a war criminal named Brian initiated a nuclear war, America were looking for vengence and finally located him on an isolated island called “Saint Cruz Island” This Island is controlled by Brian’s malitia named “UDP”, killing him wont be easy.


  • Open world gameplay for 1 or 2 players with 7 Main missions.
  • Nano suit given for each player, includes Maximum StrengthMaximum SpeedCloak And Maximum Armor.
  • Easter eggs, secret upgrades, Stashes and secret weapons can be found in the open world environment.
  • World is completely destructible.
  • Plants similar to Far Cry are scattered in the open map, and are your only way for you heal, there are also special plants with different effects.
  • Side attractions, like racing, 1v1 etc…


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